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Network Service Providers must be able to log all the SMS sender IDs before they can be used. The unregistered sender ID is automatically sent with "BULK SMS" as the sender ID. Please send a sample of your sender ID via Whatsapp, text message, or bulk SMS to any of the phone numbers on the contact page (09033233011, 08064297522) for registration. Thank you.

SMS is the most effective form of mobile marketing for getting your message heard, generating engagement, and building relationships. It is obvious that DND and other services introduced by NCC don't permit 100% delivery to all numbers. Use our corporate channel for 100% delivery. Don't be told. Call 08064297522, 09033233011.


Registration is now made easier. No activation is required. Just Register and Login to use our efficient service. Our direct channel sells starts from N2 per SMS unit while our corporate channel sells at N3 per SMS unit. the delivery rate is 1 unit per SMS.

You can use our Cheap Bulk SMS Platform to deliver SMS to major Mobile networks in Nigeria. Check our pricing page to get more information!

We're leading bulk SMS gateway provider. SMS experience here is superb with great value and instant delivery guaranteed. With simple and reliable bulk SMS connectivity in Africa, we're simply the best. You can also schedule SMS for later delivery with ease on your account. Our mobile SMS solution is cloned with a beautiful SMS experience.

Bulk SMS in Nigeria
Use our Customized Bulk SMS Gateway to communicate through which you can send Bulk SMS or Text Message to African and the entire world in large quantities from a computer or other internet-enabled devices, like phones, to thousands of mobile phone numbers in a few seconds. The message can be personalized or customized with your preferred name or title. Your preferred name will appear at the receiver’s phone number as the sender.

Since customized bulk SMS delivery is very fast, efficient, cheaper and more convenient/easier when compared to sending with a phone. Individuals, schools, companies, banks, churches, small business owners, recruitment agencies, hospitals, entertainment industries, political parties, co-operative societies, professional bodies, student unions/associations, town unions alumni associations, government and non-governmental organizations, etc can use it to reach thousands of their members, students, friends or target audience in few seconds.



SMS price varies depending on the quantity of SMS units required. You get discounted as you buy more. Buy SMS units using your ATM card as online payments is accepted. We accept Mastercard, Verve, and Visa card. Thanks.

CALL 09033233011, 08064297522 NOW!

www.smslive247.com.ng is a bulk SMS messaging platform that makes it easy and much more reliable to send and deliver bulk SMS messages across over 700 Networks both in Nigeria (MTN, 9MOBILE, GLO, AIRTEL, STARCOMMS, MULTILINKS, etc) and Internationally. You are advised to check through the various site pages for easy navigation and understanding of how to send bulk SMS and how the site works!


1. Login and click on BUY SMS.
2. Supply quantity of SMS you need, select the payment option and click SUBMIT. 
3. Follow instructions then click MAKE PAYMENT.

For Online payment with ATM CARD:
a. Choose your card type (Interswitch, Mastercard, Verve, etc).
b. Supply CARD NUMBER (16 or more-digits printed on CARD usually above your name).
c. Select CARD EXPIRY DATE: e.g 03/16 means March 2016.
d. Supply your Card PIN (known to you - the PIN you type on Bank ATMs). Typing on the keyboard is auto-disabled, you'll use on-screen keypads i.e clicking on number pads (INTERSWITCH GATEWAY). 
e. Supply CVV2 (Card Verification Value) number - usually the last 3 digits behind your ATM CARD then click PAY. 

You can choose from a variety of payment options. We make sure that you are never short of options in this area. 
You can choose from Internet Banking Transfer, ATM Transfer, Online payment with an ATM Card and Cash Deposit while making payment. 
Bank details are given below:

GUARANTY TRUST BANK (GTB) with Account Name: GRAND LAUREATE GLOBAL NWK LTD, Account Number: 0534115749

Call 09033233011 or 08064297522 for clarification. Thanks.

Note: When making payment by bank deposit, please indicate by using your username as the depositor and by giving remarks with it. Kindly call before/after deposit or transfer.

Why We Stand Out?

  1. Our reliable bulk SMS gateway ensures quick and immediate SMS delivery.
  2. Custom Sender ID does allow you to brand your SMS messages to your customers and recipients using your organization’s or individual identity.
  3. Multiple Scheduling- Schedule the same message to be delivered more than once in the future.
  4. Free Online Address Book- Store up your numbers in a phone book group and no need to type numbers each time you want to send the message.
  5. Transaction and Message/SMS History.
  6. Save Messages as Drafts for Future Usage.
  7. Transfer SMS Units to Other Members.
  8. Number format can either be in +2348030000000, 2348030000000 or 08030000000 format.
  9. Your SMS credits never expire.
  10. Get free test SMScredit after registration.

NOTICE for Members: As a result of recent filtering services across global SMS providers, it is strongly advised that users send messages to their phone first and then confirm delivery before sending SMS in bulk. Messages containing words like "CONGRATULATIONS", "PROMO", "PROMOTION", "YOU HAVE WON", e.t.c might not deliver to networks. If your SMS contains banned words, it could lead to failed SMS. When including Phone Numbers in the message body, use the format 090-0000-0000 to go pass filtering. Call 09033233011, 08064297522 for more information.

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